New York: If you can make it there…

Together with Paris, Milan and London, New York is one of the “Big 4” in the fashion world. The New York Fashion Week, held here twice a year, sees the who’s-who of the rag trade flock to the Big Apple, all vying for a top spot alongside the catwalks of some of the world’s biggest names in the industry.

Indeed, estimates suggest around ½ a million people visit the city annually to attend the fashion-focused events and showrooms, not to mention all those who hit the streets for a touch of retail therapy.

New York City has the highest population of any city in the USA, with around 180,000 people being employed in the fashion industry alone. NYC’s influence on style can be felt around the world. But it also wields its influence beyond the catwalk, impacting upon economy, satellite industries such as film and music, stretching so far as to even wield influence over politics and society as a whole.

The city has a long history in world-class fashion. As early as 1931, the Garment District in New York was home to the highest concentration of apparel manufacturers in the world. Today, 30% of manufacturing jobs in NYC are in the fashion industry, with some 900 fashion companies headquartered in the city. Around 15 billion US dollars are spent annually in the city that represents the largest retail market in the country.

Internally-famed brands such as DKNY, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Max Mara, Coach, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and a bevy of others all call this big smoke their home. It is thus no wonder that some of the county’s best and most influential media and advertising companies plus three of the top fashion schools are to be found in the city with the country’s highest concentration of designers.

Studies show that such clustering of specific industry-focused companies improves results all round. And nowhere is this concept better exemplified than in the concentrated hub of Stylistico, where creative minds and industry experts alike band together in one sophisticated fashion microcosm!

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