Location, Location

New York City has long been one of the top four cities in the world for fashion, rubbing its well-styled shoulders with the likes of Paris, London and Milan. Basing Stylistico in New York City was thus a strategic decision to bring our fashion minds to the heart of the fashion industry.

Not only is NYC home to some of the biggest names in the rag trade, it is also buoyed by the existent satellite industries and infrastructure. From manufacturing, retail, transport and distribution services, right through to some of the country’s top media and advertising agencies, this is the right place for a fashion label to be.


our fashion minds in the heart of the fashion industry

NYC Fashion Events

New York City has a calendar brimming with some of the most important fashion events in the world. From fashion parades, collection launches, media showings, boutique openings and more, the city is always abuzz.

The most famous occasion in couture is undoubtedly the New York Fashion Week, one of the four top fashion events globally, rivalled only by Paris, London and Milan. With each edition said to bring in some half-a-million visitors and close to 900 million dollars, it is the city’s signature fashion event and a great reason for any fashion-minded business to be positioned in the Big Apple.

Of course, no event is worth its Champaign if it attracts no attention. NYC is also home to some of the top fashion-focused media and advertising companies, ensuring Stylistico is perfectly positioned not only to create and manage fashion events on behalf of our brands but to also ensure they receive the media and buyer attention they deserve!

Getting it Out There

Fashion designing is a great creative outlet. But that is only the first step. Stylistico’s integrated team of fashion-focused experts knows how to take a fashion range and turn it into a coveted market product. Be it via a signature store or through the most exclusive boutiques through to the top retail chains in the US, Canada and Mexico, Stylistico has it covered.

Stylistico can oversee the entire process of opening your very own retail outlet, through to establishing exclusive through to large-scale distribution. And in order to achieve this, there is no better place for a fashion hub to be than the veritable fashion microcosm that is New York.