• Roberto Ricci Designs

    Roberto Ricci Designs

    The future goals are to maintain the original vision of Roberto Ricci that fueled his passion to…

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  • Stewart


    Quality and excellence require great care. Our attention for leather garments goes far beyond our work that…

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  • Barba


    Barba is a fashion lifestyle inspired by the art of antique Neapolitan tailoring, the equivalent to excellence,…

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  • Premiata


    The most valuable constructions, the maniacal attention to details, the continuous development of lasts, experimenting with treatments…

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  • Pinko


    Light, colour and speed. The never-ending juxtaposition of visual stimuli and movement, illuminating everyday life in the…

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  • Pescarolo


    Traditional tailoring has its historical location in the territory of Naples – creativity, taste, craftsmanship and unsurpassed…

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  • Pantofola d’Oro

    Pantofola d’Oro

    Shoe brand Pantofola d’Oro, has all footwear needs covered – including boots, sneakers, classics, loafers and tennis…

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  • Acynetic


    Taking inspiration from California, Acynetic offers a complete range of tops, leggings, hot pants, jackets and bikinis.

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  • Paloma Barceló

    Paloma Barceló

    Founded in 1960, the Spanish brand based in Elche developed from the expertise of artisan Manolo Barcelò…

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  • Gentry Portofino

    Gentry Portofino

    Gentry Portofino designs are marked by an almost ethereal elegance, combining excellence in terms of the fabric…

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  • Dice Kayek

    Dice Kayek

    A magnificent play on forms and striking structure, the utilization of greatly colored and textured fabrics paired…

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  • E. Marinella Napoli

    E. Marinella Napoli

    The Marinella family began producing men’s shirts and accessories in the early 1900s. Now in its third…

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  • One Five Zero

    One Five Zero

    One Five Zero specializes in “active nanocashmere” applied to classic designs in jackets, vests, cardigans and pullovers.

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  • Silvano Sassetti

    Silvano Sassetti

    Lace-ups, loafers, monks, ankle boots and sandals comprise the men’s styles, whilst the women’s range also features…

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  • Maison Albino

    Maison Albino

    Maison Albino combines historic references with unconventional creativity. D’Amato’s experience in the rag trade reads like a…

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  • Royal Workshop

    Royal Workshop

    This tenet is upheld in the brand’s garments that consist in revamped original vintage band t-shirts to…

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