Acynetic – a denim (r)evolution

Italian fashion designer, Adriano Goldschmied, has long been famed in the fashion industry as the “Godfather of denim”.

Throughout his illustrious career in the rag trade, Goldschmied has founded Diesel, Gap 1969, Replay and AG Adriano Goldschmied - amongst other projects - before launching Acynetic.

The idea behind Acynetic is to unite comfort and innovation in a fashion range dedicated to ease of movement in everyday activities. Indeed, the garments in the Acynetic range are seamless, soft and stylish.

Inspiration for the design concept arose when Goldschmied – in accompanying a friend to collect their child from school – noticed that all the mothers were wearing leggings. Gone were the days of jeans being the go-to leisure wear.

The brand see Goldschmied and team return to the basics in denim, taking some inspiration from the 1990s along the way, before launching something truly innovative, in designing items that go beyond mere trends but rather represent a true revolution in form, fabric and fashion.

The latest Acynetic designs see Goldschmied take his beloved cotton warp-faced textile as a starting point in creating the range of stylish leggings, hot pants, tops, jackets and more in a California-inspired style. Indeed, the fabrics ultimately utilised forge denim into innovative materials developed by the brand, including Indigo Skin and Nude Blue that revolutionise traditional denim into new flexible textiles that move with the body.

But this is no basic leisurewear range, with Acynetic creating stylish and elegant garments that have an athletic touch for all facets of an active life.

In perfect synergy with the Stylistico ethos, Goldschmied was born in Italy before moving to the US in the 1990s, bringing trademark Italian style to the US market and going on to become one of the top names in fashion.

The latest Acynetic range, comprised of approximately 25 pieces, is available within the Stylistico showroom in New York.

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